Admission Details


A student is the future pillar of the upcoming generation. He / She should be powerful, positive, humble as well disciplined and should know to reap the ripe fruits of real education which helps the child to stand on their own legs with abandoned [Right] confidence. Even if your child is not involved / not interested in his current curriculum and if the days are filling you with real worries about your child's future - throw your tensions away and rush for admissions at your Day Boarding cum Residential School which is specialized to the core of perfection.


Admissions and Withdrawals at our International residential schools Campus
  • Admission is open for all communities. and also NRI Prospectus along with the admission form (Application) is obtainable from the school office.

  • A Registration fee should be deposited along with the application for admission.

  • Documents to be submitted along with the admission form are Birth Certificate, Community Certificate, T.C. and Re- port Cards for 1st std and above if any.

  • 2 copies of passport size photos of the applicant must be attached.

  • The Principal reserves the right to reject any application for admission without assigning reason there of.

Fees Collection Details
  1. Admissions with Fees are charged from the beginning of the Session (1st June).

  2. Fees are levied for the whole calender year (12 months) and are to be paid.

  3. Fee will be levied in term wise.

  4. Term - on or before 15th of June

  5. II Term - on or before 15th of October

  6. III Term - on or before 15th of January

  7. The due date for all monthly payment will be 10th of every month. Defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs. 10/- per day to the consecutive days.

  8. After 30th of every month, the defaulter's name will be removed from the rolls of the school. Students will only be re-admitted after paying all dues along with fine and reactivation fee.

  9. Fee arrears during the time of Examination will not be allowed to write the examination.

  10. Payment can be made in Cash / D.D. and not by Cheque.

  11. Fee cannot be accepted without the fee card on any circumstances.

  12. Hostel fee for 11 months will be collected from the boarders. Variation can be occur in the mess bill according to the market rates. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

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Co-Educational Residential - English Medium
(Recognized by Govt of Tamilnadu)